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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Axia Internet?

Brought to you by the experts. Axia increases your capacity for everything with outstanding reliability. The fastest Internet in Canada buys you better productivity: upload and download large files in seconds and install the latest software in a minute. Videoconference anywhere in the world and back up to the cloud – free – instantly.

Is Axia Internet available in Alberta?

We're sorry, service unavailable Axia specializes in rural connectivity. If you want way more from Axia Internet, you'll have to head to rural Alberta! In coverage zone? I think I am in the coverage zone

What is axaxia?

Axia provides standardized bandwidth services to both new and established specialty carriers to provide equal access for retail, application, and web service providers within a community and to connected communities. This allows carriers the ability to offer all the speed, reliability, and performance FibreNet provides.

What is Axia’s freedomfibrenet?

FibreNet is Axia’s way of doing business. We offer reliable, scalable services delivered over high performing, fibre networks that are designed to meet our customers every need. Our fibre services provide equal access for government, enterprise, carrier, small business, and residential customers across Alberta.

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