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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Catalog Choice stop junk mail for good?

At Catalog Choice, we're on a mission to stop junk mail for good – but we can't do it without your support. Every year, over 100 million trees are cut down to produce junk mail that often goes straight to the trash. What a waste!  Junk mail is also a huge source of frustration and clutter.

What is Catalog Choice?

Catalog Choice’s mission is to stop junk mail for good. For the past 8 years, Catalog Choice has been passionate about helping protect natural resources and helping you simplify your life. Use this free service to cancel specific catalogs and other types of paper mail you no longer wish to receive.

How to get off catalog mailing lists in the UK?

How to Get off Catalog Mailing Lists in the UK . Set up a free account with the Mailing Preference Service. You'll continue to receive mail from any company that you've done business with in the past, but will be removed from further unsolicited mailings. It can take up to four months to stop the mailings, and you can register a complaint on ...

What happens if you opt out of Catalog Choice?

Unable to contact their customer support. This service does nothing to stop companies that continue to harass you with unwanted catalogs more than a year after you have opted out and called the offending company several times over the course of a year. I just opted out AGAIN from a company called Catalog Choice.

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