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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @chronicled?

Chronicled facilitates industry-lead working groups where discussion and collaboration turn into real products that create value between companies. Products developed by the industry for the industry. Join us to be a part of the solution!

What is the role of chronicled in the mediledger network?

Chronicled is the custodian of the MediLedger Network, an industry-led, blockchain-powered network within the life sciences industry. Chronicled's role is to provide administration and build solutions on top of the MediLedger Network to facilitate trust and enable automation between trading partners.

What is chronicled’s supply chain solution?

Solutions for industries and enterprises to gain value from blockchain powered supply chain ecosystems with built-in trust, automation, and privacy. Chronicled is deploying decentralized supply chain ecosystems and building protocol-driven solutions to enhance global trade across key industries.

What is the purpose of the chronicled sub-organization?

Chronicled develops solutions for revenue management and supply chain on the MediLedger Network. Which industries do these Sub-Organization operate in?

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