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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Faena Hotel Miami Beach Art Deco?

"Faena Hotel Miami Beach features an artful visual language that recalls the glamour of the 1950's with stunning Art Deco appeal."

What is Faena District Miami Beach?

The multi-award-winning Faena District Miami Beach’s standout and diverse expertise ranges from resilient urban design, to inspiring cultural manifestations, celebrated epicurean concepts, original experiential retail, wellness and healing, topped with soulful entertainment and cutting-edge interdisciplinary art.

Is the Faena Hotel over-the-top luxurious?

"Accented everywhere with gold and its own lush signature red, the Faena Hotel is over-the-top luxurious in all the right ways." Enjoy panoramic ocean views from a furnished wraparound balcony, which encircles the full one-bedroom suite’s spacious living and dining rooms that are ideal for entertaining.

What is Faena?

" We create projects that have the power to positively transform cities, shifting old paradigms to rapidly become new cultural epicenters. Faena is my personal way of doing things, a distinctive example of a resilient and innovative community to the world "

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