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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gang-printed labeling?

more than one item of labeling, for example: a) Gang-printed labeling is a sheet of labeling that contains ¨ Different drug products, strengths, or net contents of same drug b) Gang-printed sheets are prohibited unless well differentiated ¨ By size, shape, and color

Can You gang run pharmaceutical labels?

You cannot gang run pharmaceutical labels that require strict line clearance between label kinds, unless the labeling from gang-printed sheets is adequately differentiated by size, shape, or color (21 CFR Part 211.122f). ^ Wilson, Bonnie (2004). Minnesota in the Mail: A Postcard History.

What is cut labeling?

a) Cut labeling - single labels for individual drug products that are ³cut´ from a sheet or roll of labels b) Cut labeling operations shall include one of the following: ¨ P&L lines dedicated for each strength of each DP

What is gang run printing?

Gang run printing. Printers use the term "gang run" or "gang" to describe the practice of placing many print projects on the same sheet or piggybacking a project on a vacant, unused portion of a print sheet. Sheet-fed presses are generally "full sheet" (28" x 40"), "half sheet" (28" x 19"), or "quarter sheet" (13" x 19").

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