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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a governmental audit?

The government audit is the means through which public management is verified and controlled. Their activity and economy are analyzed, which work around efficiency and transparency, always acting in accordance with the relevant legal provisions applicable to the specific case. Characteristics of Government Audit

What is the internal corporate governance audit means?

The internal audit falls within the third line of defense, and it plays a key role within the governance framework. The audit should provide assurance that the first two lines of defense—risk management and internal controls—are effective. The audit committee and the board provide the final sets of eyes for review.

Do external auditors perform a corporate governance?

The role of external auditors in corporate governance is to make sure that Board of Directors and the management are acting responsibly towards the shareholders’ investment interests. By keeping objectivity, the external auditors can add value to shareholders by ensuring that the company’s internal controls are strong and effective.

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