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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Guatemala flag symbolize?

Colors and Symbolism of the Guatemala Flag. The national flag of Guatemala is a vertical triband that features a central band of white that holds the nation's coat of arms nestled between two bands of light blue. The blue stripes represent the two oceans that surround the country, while the white band represents peace.

What is the history of the Guatemala flag?

The sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the white stripe stands for the purity of the country's values and peace. Guatemalan Flag History: The current Guatemalan flag was adopted on December 26, 1997, making it one of the world's newest flags.

What is the flag of Guatemala?

Guatemalan Flag Description: The flag of Guatemala consists of three even sized vertical stripes - the left and right stripes are sky blue; and the middle stripe is white. In the middle of the white stripe and flag is Guatemala's coat of arms.

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