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What race are Guatemalans considered?

Guatemala population is comprised of many other races along the native Guatemala people. The races that are most prominent among the Guatemala population are Mestizos, Europeans, American-Indians, Mayan people and some other races. The Mestizos and the Europeans together make up for the largest portion of the Guatemala population.

Is a Guatemalan considered Latino or Hispanic?

Guatemalans are the sixth largest Latin/Hispanic group in the United States and the second largest Central American population after Salvadorans. Half of the Guatemalan population is situated in two parts of the country, the Northeast and Southern California . Guatemalans have migrated to the USA since the 1930s and 1940s.

Why did Guatemala have a civil war?

The civil war in Guatemala was the longest struggle in modern Latin American history, spanning decades from the late 1950s to the 1990s, and leading to deadly armed conflict between government and rebel militias that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and made millions of others homeless.

What is a common religion in Guatemala?

Religion in Guatemala: Mayan Spirituality, Catholicism, and Christianity Mayan Spirituality. Mayan spirituality has its origins in pre-Columbian religious practices and a cosmology that venerated natural phenomena, including rivers, mountains, and caves. The Catholic Church. ... Evangelical Christianity. ...

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