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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the Internet in India?

It is only one tenth of that so far in India with just 2Mbps at the moment (2015). USA has about 11.5 Mbps internet speeds as of now. In this article, we’ll check all the companies offering high speed internet plans in India : ACT | AirTel | Airlink | You Broadband | Tikona | BSNL | Rcom | MTNL

What is the fastest broadband plan in India?

For example, the fastest internet speed in India is offered by Startup Village in Cochin, Kerala with about 1Gbps download speeds and 500 Mb upload speeds. In this article, we’ll look at the top high speed internet broadband plans available in India, today. (Related – 4G Internet Data plans in India.)

What is the download speed of 4G in India?

4G download speed in India is the slowest across 88 countries. On an average, the 4G speed in India has been measured at 6 mbps. Subscribers in neighbouring Pakistan enjoy internet at 14 mbps.

What is the average download speed in India 2021?

Speedtest recorded the average download speed on mobile connections in India as 12.15 Mbit/s and average upload speed of 4.80 Mbit/s. India has the second highest number of internet users in the world. The following table provides an overview of internet subscriber statistics in India as on 30 June 2021.

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