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Did IU win?

K-pop’s IU took on BTS and Blackpink and won, claiming the Golden Disc Awards’ grand prize for single Blueming She collaborated with BTS member Suga and Big Bang’s G-Dragon, topped charts with Good...

Who is the Indiana University basketball coach?

Indiana University announced Saturday that Archie Miller has been named the men's head basketball coach. Bloomington, Ind. - Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass announced Saturday that Archie Miller has been named the head men's basketball coach for Indiana University.

Is the famous basketball team in Indiana name the Hoosiers?

No. The championship team on which the Hoosiers true story is based is actually the Milan High School Indians. There is no town of Hickory in Indiana. Was the Coach really a middle-aged man? No. The real Coach of the championship team, Coach Marvin Wood, was only 26 when Milan won the title.

What is the definition of IU?

IU stands for International Units and is used for the measurement of drugs and vitamins. What this means is that IU is dependent on the potency of the substance, and each substance would have a different IU to milligram conversion.

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