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Frequently Asked Questions

Is K12 a good choice?

The Keychron K12 is good for office use, but its high profile may cause wrist strain since it doesn't come with a wrist rest. That said, it feels very well-built with its aluminum frame and plastic chassis, and the Gateron Brown switches on our unit are quiet to type on. It also comes with different switches if you prefer a different feel.

Is K12 a good school?

K12 was a great virtual school. It allowed me to learn and obtain my High School Diploma from the comfort of my home. Even throughout the pandemic, K12 made schooling easy and efficient. I got to experience many different electives, classes, and learning opportunities through K12.

Does K12 give you a diploma?

To graduate and receive a U.S. high school diploma from K12 Private Academy, students must be full-time and complete 24 credits in the following subject areas. Each full-year course earns one full credit:

Is K12 Online School free?

The K12-powered online school in North Carolina is similar to traditional public school in a few key ways: Enrollment is tuition-free*. High school graduates receive a diploma. Students enjoy online and in-person social connections. Online school follows the traditional school year calendar.

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