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What is a left shift in blood cells?

Share on other sites. A left shift refers to the relative increase in immature forms of blood cells. The term actually comes from the fact that, if you go back to a patho book and look at the entire cascade diagram of how blood cells mature, the immature cells are on the left side of the old, standard diagram.

What is the difference between left and right shift of oxygen?

A shift to the left implies an increased oxygen affinity and, hence, tighter binding due to the higher oxygen saturation in relation to the pO2. On the other hand, a shift to the right corresponds to a decreased oxygen affinity and easier release of oxygen to the tissues.

What is an example of a shift to the left?

This was a good example of a huge shift to the left. The term had originally been coined by where the stats where positioned on the lab reports and how suddenly the WBC would shift to the left which happen to be the segs side. My patient had a rect temp of 104.5 so infection was a good possibility.

What does a shift to the left on a CBC mean?

Just a little more information....It was called a shift to the left because back in the Ole' days the CBC lab slips were short and wide. The immature cell counts were on the "left" of the lab report and so if the increase in immature cells occurred, there was a shift from the mature cell count on the right of the lab report to the left

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