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Frequently Asked Questions

What does increased WBC with left shift mean?

If WBC count is constant, the presence of left shift indicates an increase of neutrophil consumption that is equal to an increase of production. A decrease in WBC count indicates that neutrophil consumption surpasses supply. During a bacterial infection, large numbers of neutrophils are consumed.

What causes left shift?

A left shift can be due to release of bone marrow stores. This particularly occurs if the bone marrow reserve of mature neutrophils is low or depleted. Note, that ruminants have lower bone marrow reserve of mature neurophils than other species.

What causes rise in WBC levels?

Causes of Elevated WBC Count Viral or bacterial infection. The most common cause of higher than normal white blood cells is because your body is fighting an infection. Inflammatory conditions. ... Rheumatoid arthritis. ... Allergy. ... Immune system disorder. ... Emotional or physical stress. ... Gastrointestinal problems. ... Smoking. ... Pregnancy. ... Leukemia. ...

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