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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Primatene tablets taken off the market?

“Some may remember the former over-the-counter Primatene Mist that was taken off the market in 2011 because it contained chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants, which are known to deplete the ozone layer,” the FDA said in a statement.

Does Primatene work for wieght loss?

Well, it seems that one of the ingredients in the Primatene is ephedrine which speeds up the metabolism and that could induce some weight loss. But you are taking it for far more severe problem than couple of extra kilos. And also, people that use this drug because of that effect, might end up with severe heart problems. Loading...

Is Primatene Mist still available?

Yes, Primatene Mist (epinephrine) is still available. The FDA took it off the market back in 2011 because the inhaler contained a propellant that harms the earth's ozone layer. There's a newer version of Primatene Mist (epinephrine) available now that uses a different propellant.

How much is Primatene Mist?

Primatene Mist is available at most drugstores, including national chains like CVS and Walgreens. It retails for about $30. A prescription is not needed. When to see a doctor Asthma is a condition...

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