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What is line of separation?

Line of Separation includes characters who embrace the direction the Soviets’ domineering occupation brings: Germany’s eastern zone will become its own country and a rather successful Soviet satellite state ­– until the Berlin Wall falls on November 9, 1989.

When is line of separation on PBS?

Line of Separation: A German Drama on PBS Christina Knight | November 9, 2020 Line of Separation is the rare drama set in the World War II-era that examines reckonings in Germany, just after its surrender in 1945.

What ISFIRE separation distance?

FIRE SEPARATION DISTANCE. The distance measured from the building face to one of the following: The closest interior lot line. To the centerline of a street, an alley or public way. To an imaginary line between two buildings on the lot.

Is there a German version of line of separation?

An acclaimed television series from Germany (where it was called Tannbach ), Line of Separation appears with English subtitles on PBS (as do the PBS dramas Modus from Sweden, Professor T from Belgium, and Thou Shalt Not Kill from Italy).

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