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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tribes of Europa about?

Tribes of Europa is a German sci-fi television series created by Philip Koch that premiered on Netflix on 19 February 2021. Set in 2074, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe causes the continent to fracture into dystopian warring tribal microstates who vie for dominance over other states.

What is tribes of Europa on Netflix about?

The producers of Dark aren't finished with challenging the world of sci-fi, proven in the release of their new series, Tribes of Europa. The show aims to bring the dark aesthetics and deep, rich characters of Dark into the post-dystopian world of Europa.

How many episodes of tribes of Europa are there?

Created by Phillip Koch and starring Emilio Sakraya, Henriette Confurius, David Ali Rashed, Melika Forourtan, Oliver Masucci, Ana Ularu, Robert Finster, Benjamin Sadler, Jannik Schümann, Jeanette Hain and James Faulkner, Tribes of Europa is set to release on February 19, 2021 on Netflix with six episodes. KEEP READING: Equinox Vs.

What happened to the origine tribe?

In the wake of a mysterious global disaster, war rages between the Tribes that have emerged from the wreckage of Europe. Three siblings from the peaceful Origine tribe - Kiano, Liv and Elja - are separated and forced to forge their own paths in an action-packed fight for the future of this new Europa.

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