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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a tribes of Europa season 2?

Netflix hasn't yet ordered Tribes of Europa season 2. Based on audience scores thus far, it seems like streamers enjoy the storytelling. The series is incredibly violent and gory, and the six-episode structure makes it easy to binge over the course of five hours.

What is tribes of Europa about?

Tribes of Europa starts as a story of three siblings defending their home from invaders. They fail, and what follows are three equally thrilling and equally backstabby storylines as each sibling continues on their own quest to regain some sense of a normal life, and possibly reunite.

Will Elja learn the truth in tribes of Europa season 2?

In Tribes of Europa season 2, Elja will seemingly be the first of the main characters to learn the truth about "Black December" and what truly caused the global blackout 50 years before.

What happened to Kiano in tribes of Europa?

Much of the conflict in the Netflix show revolves around Kiano, who becomes a sex slave for the Crow leader Varvara (Melika Foroutan) and ultimately chooses to stay with the tribe, even when offered a chance to leave. In Tribes of Europa season 1, the main character arcs are well-developed throughout.

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