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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fix for tlsv1_3 cipher error in uvicorn?

There are no similar issues or pull requests to fix it yet. Running uvicorn with TLSV1_3 ciphers available in the python's ssl module, gives ssl.SSLError: ('No cipher can be selected.',)

How to run uvicorn programmatically?

If you're running programmatically, using uvicorn.run (...), then use equivalent keyword arguments, eg. uvicorn.run ("example:app", port=5000, reload=True, access_log=False) . Please note that in this case, if you use reload=True or workers=NUM , you should put uvicorn.run into if __name__ == '__main__' clause in the main module.

How to pass uvicorn's config arguments to Gunicorn workers?

gunicorn -w 4 -k uvicorn.workers.UvicornH11Worker Gunicorn provides a different set of configuration options to Uvicorn, so some options such as --limit-concurrencyare not yet supported when running with Gunicorn. If you need to pass uvicorn's config arguments to gunicorn workers then you'll have to subclass UvicornWorker:

Is uvicorn [standard] supported by Firefox?

Try install uvicorn [standard]. AFTER verification the issue is about, Unverified HTTPS request. I can conclude that the certification is not supported by Firefox. It tried Chrome browser and it works perfectlty. From the client application, I should just accepted the provided certification

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