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Frequently Asked Questions

Is UMD a good school?

UMD is a well rounded school with excellent faculty, great course options, and reliable transportation. It was overall a great college experience. I transferred from a different school and the administration was extremely supportive and made the transition easy.

Is UMD a commuter school?

UMD has resources for commuter students that try to get them involved in campus life. The off-campus resources have transfer social for commuter students to help them meet people. However, the party scene seems exclusive in that if you are looking for the typical college parties, you have to network with the sororities, athletes or fraternities.

Can I get into UMD?

UMD has really upped their admission benchmarks in recent years, and your ACT score and weighted GPA is below average. Fall of 2017 students had an average ACT from 30-33 and a weighted GPA of 4.29. Still, your extracurriculars are good, and depending on your essay, you might have a shot. Good luck, and I hope you get it!

What does UMD stand for on UMD for PSP?

UMD: Universal Media Disc (Sony Playstation Portable) UMD: Use Magical Device (gaming, Dungeons and Dragons)

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