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Frequently Asked Questions

What is arc meaning?

arc(Noun) A flow of current across an insulating medium; especially a hot, luminous discharge between either two electrodes or as lightning. arc(Noun) A story arc. arc(Noun) A continuous mapping from a real interval (typically ) into a space. arc(Noun) A directed edge.

What does arc measure?

Arc Measure. Arcs are measured in degrees. This is not the same as the length of an arc, which depends on the size of the circle. The measure of a minor arc is defined as the measure of its central angle: The measure of a major arc is 360 o minus the measure of the corresponding minor arc:

What is ARC funding?

The Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC) is more than a trade association—it’s a diverse coalition, established to preserve consumer legal funding as a choice for the many Americans who have suffered an unexpected economic loss due to an accident and have a pending legal claim.

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