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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DMT-Nexus wiki?

Welcome to the DMT-Nexus Wiki This is a DMT-Nexus wide collaboration to provide information about DMTand other entheogens. This collaboration is open-ended, all-inclusive and open to revisions. The focus of this information should be about DMT with some reference to its allies.

Is there a Tek for DMT extract?

The following is not a Tek, but rather a concordance of Teks. Virtually all DMT extractions follow the same basic process; they differ only in whether the initial extract is acidified, and in what purification techniques they prefer. I posted it on another forum (the Shroomery), but figured it might be of use to some folks here.

Where can I learn more about DMT?

DMT-specific forums, including the excellent DMT-Nexus (which has its own wiki) and the DMT subreddit, are also good resources to help you get started. [1] Strassman, R. (2001). DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press.

How does DMT work?

When smoked or injected intravenously, DMT causes a very rapid, very intense psychedelic experience which lasts a few minutes. Users report the feeling of being ripped from their bodies, and thrown through space at incredible speeds.

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