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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the 19th century in Luxembourg?

Nineteenth century. But in 1871, as a result of Germany's victory over France, Luxembourg's boundary with Lorraine, containing Metz and Thionville, changed from being a frontier with a part of France to a frontier with territory annexed to the German Empire as Alsace-Lorraine under the Treaty of Frankfurt.

How is power of government exercised in Luxembourg?

Politics. Executive power is exercised by the Grand Duke and the cabinet, which consists of several other ministers. The Constitution of Luxembourg, the supreme law of Luxembourg, was adopted on 17 October 1868. The Grand Duke has the power to dissolve the legislature, in which case new elections must be held within three months.

How did Luxembourg become part of the Habsburg Netherlands?

In 1354, Charles IV elevated the county to the Duchy of Luxembourg. The duchy eventually became part of the Burgundian Circle and then one of the Seventeen Provinces of the Habsburg Netherlands.

What is the education system like in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg's education system is trilingual: the first years of primary school are in Luxembourgish, before changing to German; while in secondary school, the language of instruction changes to French.

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