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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Herria's prakagorri tell her?

Once upon a time, in the cold and magic mountains of Euskadi, called Herria, there was a fairy with long blond hair that wandered through the forest, accompanied by her loyal prakagorri, some little pixies with red trousers. One day, as they were resting next to a river, a prakagorri warned her that something was moving between the bushes.

Where is Praga located?

Praga is a district of Warsaw, Poland. It is located on the east bank of the river Vistula. First mentioned in 1432, until 1791 it formed a separate town with its own city charter. A lifesize group sculpture of street musicians in Praga district.

What is house praka known for?

Praka was one of the larger cities in the Barony of Ostel in Damara in 1357 DR. Praka was known for its stout outer walls and mighty towers. Historically, House Praka was beloved by the citizens and the Baron of Ostel would even be appointed as Damara's steward during times of absence from the king.

What was praka like in 1357 DR?

However, in 1357 Praka was ruled by Baroness Sylvia, a puppet of Zhengyi who was despised by all. Second in size only to mighty Heliogabalus, Praka's population in 1357 DR was 11,000. Many skilled artists and craftsmen made their home in Praka.

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