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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Corizon Health?

Filed under: Corizon . Locations: Florida , Tennessee . On June 30, 2020, Flacks Group, a Miami-based global investment firm, announced that it had purchased Brentwood, Tennessee-based Corizon Health, one of the nation’s largest private providers·of health care services in prisons and jails. The purchase price was not disclosed.

How does Grand Prairie's health plan compare to Corizon's?

Grand Prairie's proposal was also about $51 million cheaper. On staffing for general health, psychiatric health and pharmacy services, Grand Prairie received a score of 36 out of 38 from procurement officials, and Corizon received a score of 31 out of 38.

What's going on with Michigan's prison health care services?

Lansing — The company that currently provides health care and pharmacy services for Michigan's 27 prisons says a competitor that's poised to take over the contract will "slash" staffing and bring "dramatic cuts to mental health services."

Is Corizon's debt coming to maturity?

That meant about 15% of U.S. prisoners received their health care from Corizon. Currently, Corizon contracts with 149 facilities in 16 states, a severe contraction in business. “Our debt was coming for maturity at the end of the second quarter,” Corizon Health CEO James Hyman said in a press release.

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