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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an online NTN verification from FBR?

Get an online NTN verification through FBR’s website Credit: FBR’s Website You can get your online NTN verification by choosing NTN in the parameter box. In the ‘Registration No.’ box, write down your National Tax Number without the dashes.

How to check National Tax Number (NTN) online in Pakistan?

The Federal Board of Revenue has announced Online NTN Verification National Tax Number at e.fbr.gov.pk/ Check-in this webpage. Now the Government of Pakistan is an announcement for everyone can make FBR Filer in Income Tax Return and show individual assets and expenses in the whole year.

How to check the status of your NTN number?

Enter the Registration Number i.e. the 7- digit National Tax Number or NTN without leaving any space or using any dash. Or you can also enter your CNIC Number too, without using any dashes. Choose a specific date by clicking on the calendar icon. Press the Verify button to check your taxpayer status.

What is the full form of NTN?

National Tax Number is the abbreviation of NTN. When someone wants to verify online his business he uses Online NTN Verification number and to complete the requirements you will have to enter your CNIC number on FBR website link.

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