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What is primary?

English Language Learners Definition of primary (Entry 2 of 2) US : an election in which members of the same political party run against each other for the chance to be in a larger and more important election. See the full definition for primary in the English Language Learners Dictionary. primary.

What channel is California primary 2022 on?

CBS Los Angeles is your home for California Primary 2022 coverage! From the moment polls close at 8pm, we'll be with you with the latest results and analysis on CBS2, KCAL9 and streaming on CBS News Los Angeles.

When did direct primaries start?

Although direct primaries were used as early as the 1840s, the primary system came into general use only in the early 20th century. The movement spread so rapidly that by 1917 all but four states had adopted the direct primary for some or all statewide nominations.

What is the difference between primary and election?

primary - a preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen. primary election. election - a vote to select the winner of a position or political office; "the results of the election will be announced tonight". direct primary - a primary where voters directly select the candidates who will run for office.

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