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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at UGM?

At UGM, we know our staff and volunteers are our most valuable resource, and we seek to create a work environment that promotes teamwork and personal growth. Those who join our staff can enjoy a rewarding environment, competitive wages, and excellent benefits. “Working at UGM is like no other development work I’ve ever done...This is the real deal!

What is Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities?

Founded in 1902, Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is a Christian ministry dedicated to serving people facing homelessness, poverty, or addiction in our community. By meeting physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs, our Mission is changing lives!

How do I contact UGM Coeur d'Alene?

In Coeur d’Alene, call 208.665.4673. If you want to learn more about UGM and make a personal connection with our residents, a great first step is to help serve a meal. You can serve just once or on a regular basis – individually, as a group or as a family.

What are the blessings of volunteering at UGM?

“If the Lord leads you into volunteering for UGM, there is no greater blessing. If you come with an open heart, knowing that there is ministry to be done here, knowing that what you do counts for eternity, that's a great blessing.

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