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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do murders go unsolved?

Murders go unsolved for many reasons – lack of or uncooperative witnesses, the offender did not leave any evidence behind, etc. No detective wants to leave a case unsolved, but despite their best efforts, some cases will just not close.

How many cases go unsolved?

The data suggest that most of the other 54.5% of violent crimes and 82.4% of property crimes in 2018 went unsolved, though there are a few caveats to the FBI's data that are important to note - namely, that it's possible some of those crimes will be solved in subsequent years for which the FBI has not yet published data.

What are the most unsolved mysteries in the world?

The Bermuda Triangle is still one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world. The Bermuda Triangle is a large part of ocean in the North Atlantic that has been the source of many plain- and boat disappearances.

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